The Artist

Ricardo de la Fuente (1955) is a Cuban-Venezuelan artist who developed a fruitful career in Graphic Design in Caracas, Venezuela, where he founded and directed one of the most prestigious branding and design agencies in the country.
He attended Pratt Institute in New York City in 1982 and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and a major in Graphic Design and Illustration. Since then and throughout all of these years, he has created and designed major award-winning advertising campaigns that gained him recognition and impeccable reputation in the Graphic Design field in Venezuela.
In 2018 he moved to Miami, Florida, a city where cultural diversity meets the arts, music, poetry, theater, films, photography, and many other artistic expressions that are increasingly growing. Miami’s tropical essence and its colorful spirit have triggered passion and a new source of inspiration for him. He has given life to a vibrant series of artworks Shapes by Ricardo, which outlines his own perceptionand connection with his new surroundings and the way
they make him feel at this point in his life.
“Everything has a shape. From ethereal sensations to tangible things that we can see and touch, objects that are part of our daily lives, but also dreams, desires, emotions and each person's particular way of seeing and connecting with their surroundings. If someone would ask me to express how I feel or what do I think about something, I would definitely draw it, because drawing has always been my language. Shapes by Ricardo is my very personal interpretation of the experiences and changes we all go through in our lives that shape ourselves and the way we connect with the world.”